Everyone who makes music wants to B Heard!

B Heard: Artist Spotlight

(Currently In Production)


The B Heard Network is about to launch its second show called "B Heard: Artist Spotlight" . It's a live one hour show showcasing two artists on each episode. Each artist gets a thirty minute slot on the show. We will have a ten to fifteen minute interview with them live, bringing them up in the broadcast via Zoom. We will play some of their music and/or music videos. We will let them share any announcements they may have and also make sure they let the people watching know how to find them on streaming services as well as  social media, all which will be in the description as well as shown on the live stream. 


Also each artist who appears on the show, will also be posted on this website with clips from the interview as well as links to their music and social media. We will also share this out to the entire B Heard Network, which as of todays date has a possible reach of up to 25k people.


On the first five episodes, the slots are only going to cost  fifty dollars each. After which so, the thirty minute slots will go up in price. Fill out the form below if you are interested in being on "B Heard: Artist Spotlight"