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Inmate Lives Matter

Help us and Join the movement, INMATE LIVES MATTER, everyone knows or has someone who is currently or has been incarcerated at some point in time. The treatment of inmates inside of some corrections facilities is out right inhumane, and are violations of human rights, and crimes against humanity.  The movement is to spread awareness. We are fighting for the rehabilitation of the criminal justice system across america.  We are fighting to increase the amount of government and private funding for reentry,  for housing,  programs  resources, and support for a successful reentry to the community to ensure inmates have a fighting chance to not return to the correctional systems. Its going to be a long hard road but we start here on this 12th day of October 2022 please join us in this movement! As we make progress there will be updates to this page, Thank you! Please clink on the link below to sign the petition. 

Petition · “Inmate lives Matter” · Change.org



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