Everyone who makes music wants to B Heard!

Our Mission


   Our mission at the B Heard Network is to fight for the future of music. To empower artists, to give them a global platform, for all independent artists and creators. With our massive network across all social media and the internet we make it possible for new listeners all around the world to discover independent artists, and their music.

With our wide variety of free and paid promotional services, no matter what level of production, no matter what kind of genre, in the day and age when everyone is on social media and doing live streaming broadcasts.                     

   We at the B Heard Network, dedicate our own time and purpose to help independent artists grow, with our free promotional support, as well as our targeted promotional paid services, to achieve real organic growth.

So Independent Artists can be just that....            Independent Artists.

We at the B Heard Network know that EVERYONE who creates music, just wants to....