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The B Heard Network

B heard network is a platform for independent up and coming musicians

The B heard network is a hub for up and coming musicians and producers looking to amplify their voices and build a reputable brand. It was founded in 2021 by a man with a dream of like-minded creators/musicians and artists who have a passion for bringing the best of the best of their trade to his collective doorstep to bring to you. Unlike most labels that go the big leagues, they don't sign up any superstars - all of the acts are independent artists.

The B Heard Network is a slick business model that's worth a look for its innovative approach to the industry. They're not the only ones in the fray. But with their 20 year track record, they're no slouches.

Aside from their slick online and offline merchandising, they're also a hub for artists, djs and labels who want to do things their way. With a slick website, and a dedicated community, they make it easy to get your paws on new music without a major label to tie you down. In an industry where the likes of XL and Interscope rule the roost, they've slashed their overheads and left the door open for others to ply their trade.

The B Heard Network is a worthy contender for the best INDEPENDENT music platqform and is well worth checking out for its slick business model and top-notch clientele. To keep their swagger in check, they have also instituted an ironclad no nonsense policy: if your album doesn't sell, they don't sell it.

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3 months ago

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I have quite a few ways I can set all of this up and do this for you as we start to tackle the 4th quarter 2022. I don't mean to impose, I was just curious. I've been doing this for 22+ years and was just curious if you needed an extra hand.

Stay Safe,